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The Blackduck Area History and Art Center became a reality because of a group of dedicated volunteers. From the beginning of the idea, to forming a 501(c) 3 organization, to taking an empty building and turning it into a showplace and now staffing, advertising, fund-raising, setting up shows plus all of the many details that go into keeping our doors open has all been accomplished by our volunteers. But hey, it’s not all work, and even the work is fun!

How can you help?

If you live in or spend time in the area…Join us! We would love to expand our volunteer base. Currently we are open only three days a week, so that each person needs to staff the center only one day a month. With more volunteers we could be open more days. If we were open more days it would be more convenient for visitors and we could obtain official highway signs. You get the picture!

Some of the ways you could help:

  • Staffing the center (as above)
  • Attending planning meetings
  • Helping set up shows — art or historical
  • Doing historical research
  • Helping with fund raising
  • Designing flyers, displays
  • Interviewing long-time residents and veterans
  • Compiling interviews and photographs into DVD’s on the computer
  • Donating to our annual “parking lot sale”
  • Donate or lend historical articles
  • Write / display family histories
  • Our fully involved members do many of the things listed above, depending on their special talents and interests.

Whether you live nearby or far away…

Help us identify significant historical artifacts that would be important to preserve. Call 218-835-4478 or contact us through the web page if you know of or have something that would be a nice addition to the center. Please call before bringing in items, as we do not have room for duplicate items.

Help us identify artists with ties to the Blackduck area that might want to have a special artist exhibit. We also need people, artists or art enthusiasts, who would be willing to be a part of the Arts Council.

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